BBC Trip to Buenos Aires and Jujuy Argentina
February 22 - March 3, 2007
Earth - The Biography: Atmosphere
Program aired on BBC and National Geographic Channel worldwide

Anabel Gillings - Producer
Roeland Doust - Researcher
Tim Cragg - Cameraman
Adam Prescod - Soundman
Jim Edds - Storm Hunter, Contributor

                       Ian Stewart - Presenter for the series                                                                      Ian Stewart lovin life on the salt flats - Andes in the background

                                  Out on the salt flats with the film crew                                                                          Adam Prescod Soundman

            L to R - Annabel Gillings, Adam Prescod, Tim Cragg, Ian Stewart                                                             Taking a break

         L to R  Tim Cragg (cameraman) and Adam Prescod (soundman)                                                  Working the set at a restaurant

                                                The crew really worked their tails off putting together this Mega Series shown all over the world !

                                              Annabel & Ian                                                                               Jim Edds and my racing Llama (pronounced Yama)

A             Adam monitoring a time lapse at 15,000 feet in the Andes                                                                We were above the clouds!

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