Hurricane Fabian in Bermuda Video
September 4-7, 2003
Filmed & Edited by Jim Edds

The following is a story of my intercept of Hurricane Fabain in 2003.  I was the first storm chaser I know to go to Bermuda, a little Island in the Atlantic that gets plenty of near misses by Hurricanes as they get picked up and scooted out to the north east.  I rolled the dice and bought a $1500 ticket in the hopes of getting close.  As it turned out, Bermuda experienced a direct hit by a category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 120 mph.  The worse Hurricane it hit Bermuda in 80 years and it certainly changed how they prepare there.  Four people died trying to get across the causeway between the airport and the main Island during the storm.  A CNN crew flew in the night before since all the commercial flights had stopped.  I took their footage, encoded it with a special program and sent it back to Atlanta over dial up internet that just so  happened to be working at the Waterloo House where I stayed.  CNN aired the footage and their correspondent Gary Tuchman added audio via phone call. It was a pleasure working with them.  So watch the trip and see what it was like, total run time is about 22 minutes.  Jim