Some interesting people to follow and their  homepages        

Robert Speta - - The best Weather site for Typhoon Alley
James Reynold's TyphoonFury - Hong Kong based shooter making a name for himself & will travel anywhere to get the shot.
Reed Timmer and Star of Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers
Greg Nordstrom - only Meteorology Professor I know that chases Hurricanes and tornadoes!
Geoff Mackley - the original global weather & volcano cameraman from New Zealand - star of Discovery Channel's Dangerman series
Jeff Gammons'  - a formally trained film maker from South Florida with a knack for beautiful time lapse work
Scott McPartland's --former Weather Channel New York City Video Stringer

Mike Laca - - a veteran hurricane chaser from the 80s
George Kourounis - Canadian Explorer/Adventurer & Storm Chaser. Host of the Angry Planet series
Jessie Bass - Virginia based storm chaser
Jeff Masters - Former Hurricane Hunter Flight Director now runs Weather Underground

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