Hurricane Ike Video Footage - Galveston Texas
by Jim Edds

I remember this hurricane well - I shot it from the Florida Keys to Galveston on a broken foot so enjoy this collection of my best Ike money shots.  This was a very painful shoot and afterward Jim Cantore saw my swollen foot and said I needed to "take care of that" with wide eyes.  Galveston Texas was hit by the great 1900 Hurricane and you can see statues of the event along the seawall in Galveston.  There is no rail along the seawall - if you fall off or drive off you are a goner.  The seawall is 17 feet high with a curved face so that the energy of the wave is funneled straight up making for some spectacular waves before spilling onto the roadway.  And that's where I like to hang out.  Call me "storm surge Jim" - that's where I do my best work.  Even with a broken foot I managed to get some good clean footage.  My partner during Hurricane Ike was Jeff Piotrowski. We took cover in a parking garage downtown in the late afternoon as it was filling with water.  With a broken foot I just couldn't be roaming around at night so I went for the super safe parking garage option.  The first level filled up with water so if you parked there (and some did) your ride was toast in the morning.  Ike had an incredible amount of storm surge due to its large size and the shape/depth of the coastline.  It was a good thing Galveston was raised 17 after 1900.  The dredging of the bay provided the fill but that also made the north side of Galveston susceptible to flooding well before Ike arrived.  Still, it would have been much worse minus the seawall and the raising of Galveston after the 1900 Hurricane.  Watch a wave crash against the seawall and drop to guys riding their bikes in an instant.  Never underestimate the power of the water. I was knocked off my feet by only 8 inches of moving water in Hurricane Isabel on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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